Alice Pellet-Mary

Alice Pellet-Mary obtained her PhD in 2019 from ENS Lyon (France), under the supervision of Damien Stehlé. In 2020, she was a post-doc at KU Leuven (Belgium). Since 2021, she is a junior researcher at University of Bordeaux (France). She works on the algorithmic problems related to algebraic lattices (which are used as security foundations for many post-quantum cryptographic primitives). The objective of her research is to better understand the hardness of these problems by reducing them to one another, or studying new algorithms to solve them. She recently won a Best Paper Award at Asiacrypt 2021 for her work on the security of the NTRU problem.

Thomas Debris-Alazard

Thomas Debris-Alazard is a permanent research scientist (chargé de recherche) at Inria in the Grace project-team. He was previously a postdoctoral research assistant in the Information Security Group under the supervision of Martin R. Albrecht. He received his PhD from Inria under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Tillich. His current research interest is code-based cryptography and especially its interaction with lattice-based cryptography. He won a Best Paper Award at Asiacrypt 2020 for co-designing the code-based signature scheme Wave.

András Gilyén

András Gilyén is a Marie Curie fellow at the Rényi Institute. His main research topic is quantum algorithms and complexity, with a particular focus on quantum linear algebra methods (quantum singular value transformation and the block-encoding framework), optimization, and quantum walks. He received his PhD in 2019 from the University of Amsterdam, where he was supervised by Ronald de Wolf and co-supervised by Harry Buhrman at CWI/QuSoft. Between 2019 and 2021 he was an IQIM postdoctoral fellow at Caltech, meanwhile he received the ERCIM Cor Baayen Young Researcher Award in 2019 and was a Google Research Fellow at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley during the “The Quantum Wave in Computing” program in the spring of 2020.

Christophe Petit

Christophe Petit is a Senior Lecturer of the Univeristy of Birmingham and an Associate Professor at the Free University of Brussels. He received his PhD in 2009 from Université de Catholique de Louvain under the supervision of Jean-Jaques Quisquater. He previously held postdoctoral positions at University College London and the University of Oxford. His main research focus is isogeny-based cryptography and cryptanalysis of post-quantum cryptography. He won two Best Paper Awards at Asiacrypt (2016, 2020).

Ward Beullens

Ward Beullens received his PhD in 2021 from KU Leuven under the supervision of Bart Preneel and Frederik Vercauteren. He is currently a research fellow at IBM Zürich. His main research interest is building post-quantum signatures and analyzing the security of cryptographic protocols (as demonstrated by his recent break of Rainbow and claiming one of Ethereum’s Legendre PRF challenge prizes).

Sofía Celi

Sofía Celi is a cryptography researcher at Brave. She mainly works on
post-quantum cryptography, privacy-preserving systems and secure messaging.