Meet our partner: Natrix

We would like to introduce Natrix as one of our partners during
summer school.

Mr. András Szabolcsi, the CTO of Natrix, and Mr. Péter Kutas, an academic researcher from Eötvös Loránd University worked together on a blockchain-related issue, and this led to groundbreaking innovation, the “non-interactive publicly verifiable distributed key generation” (NPVDKG-RS).

This collaboration led us to become partners in this event too.*

Natrix is a next generation hybrid blockchain with the respect to the
Satoshi principles. It serves compliance and enterprise financial sector

Natrix blockchain is the platform under additional modules offering full
range of services required by market participants:

  • secure file storage
  • finance: high performance analytics, credible customizable accounting, mirror accounting
  • realtime balance: high performance analytical bookings and balances
  • PSD2, GDPR Compliant data model
  • general ledger
  • reporting
  • and many more to come

Cutting edge innovation NPVDKG-RS, a solution for
permission management that even Ethereum couldn’t solve
by András Szabolcsi, the CTO of Natrix

Non-interactive means that only one message is sent (publicized) by each
party during the calculation process. No additional communication round
needs to check and calculate the private keys.

Publicly Verifiable means not just the involved parties but anyone can check
that the key generation process was correct, and the generated private keys
can be used to create valid threshold signatures (which belongs to the
generated one shared public).

Distributed Key Generation is a cryptographic algorithm in which multiple
parties contribute to the calculation of a shared public and private key set.